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Witchy Crystal Confetti Scoop

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A wonderful blend of some of our favorite crystals & minerals - tumbles, cubes, spheres, shapes and carvings, along with herb spoons, witchy charms & jewelry. Each scoops is a generous 1/3 cup, and then some. Your scoop might contain any of the following:

Crystal moons: labradorite, flower agate, amethyst, onyx, rose quartz
Tumbles, cubes & palm stones: various sizes of onyx, sardonyx, carnelian, flower agate, black tourmaline, amethyst, moss agate, dragons blood jasper, tiger's eye, rose quartz, blue tiger's eye, citrine
Carvings: moss agate, flower agate, tiger's eye
Crystal Spheres: rose quartz, sardonyx, clear quartz, onyx, moss agate, amethyst, tiger's eye, obsidian
Hearts: dragon's blood jasper, labradorite, unakite, rose quartz, amethyst, tiger's eye
Mushrooms: Moss agate, jade, tiger's eye, amethyst
Natural agate slices
Charms: triple moon, goddess, mushrooms, snakes, many types of pentagrams, bird skull, moons
Herb spoons & skeleton keys
Jewelry - pendants, crystal/stone bracelets, silver feather rings

*The sizes, shapes and stones in your mix will vary from what's in the photos. I try to make sure there's a good blend of items in every scoop.