• I’m a forest wanderer; an herbalist by trade and an earth witch by craft. I practice a blend of traditional Appalachian folk magic, conjure, and modern secular witchcraft. My work is rooted in a lifelong affinity for wild plants, sparked by ancestors, grounded in connection, and sustained by the land that nurtures us.

    Our offerings are handcrafted by me, using traditional folk methods and adapted through my own personal experience and education; with herbs we have harvested ourselves, along with a carefully curated collection of herbs from other trusted herbalists and growers.

    Each of our ritual kits, herb blends, potions, altar oils, candles, elixirs and teas are designed and created with specific intentions along with herbs, resins, oils, crystals and other ingredients that correspond with those intentions. I honor the cycles of the moon and the seasons of the earth, infusing our altar oils, elixirs, flower essences and potions for specific amounts of time, according to the preparation, to enhance their potency. The herbs we harvest ourselves are harvested according to moon phases or other traditional timetables when we can. There’s something very special about creating slow, intentional magick and cultivating a deep connection to the land, making items with care, attention to detail and integrity.

    Thank you for joining me in this space.