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The Horned Goddess Besom

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Our Horned Goddess Besom is wrapped with hand-dyed silk ribbon and features an antler pendant with jade beads. It has been anointed with our ritual anointing oil, which is infused with elements from the forest. This besom is associated with The Horned Goddess, or Elen of the Ways - the horned goddess of the paths, ley lines, beasts and forests. Several traditions have a horned goddess figure and this is my interpretation. Traditionally, besoms or witch brooms have been used to sweep away stagnant or unwanted energy. Small besoms, however, are usually placed on an altar, by a window, or hung by a doorway to protect a home or space.

Besoms are approximately 6" in length and are unscented

*Because the silk ribbon is hand-dyed, the color may vary slightly from the photo.