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Protection Spellwork Herb Blend

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I created this special Spellwork blend of herbs to be used in your protection, warding & banishing rituals or practices. This blend contains mugwort, yarrow, stinging nettle, garden sage and rosemary; all selected for their associations with warding, protection, setting/maintaining boundaries, spiritual strength and/or banishing toxic energies and chaos. Made with food grade organic herbs, it can be used to dress candles, in spell bottles, as loose incense, as an offering, in the bath, or however you see fit to use it in your practice.

Mugwort - cleansing, protection, divination, lucid dreaming, moon work, removes chaotic energy.
Yarrow - healing, protection, strength, spiritual strength, communication.
Stinging Nettle - setting boundaries, protection, energizes spells, spiritual healing, removes toxicity
Garden Sage - warding, blessing, spiritual wisdom, clarity.
Rosemary - cleansing, protection, warding, blessing, success, remembrance.

Reusable glass jar is 2.75" x 1.75"