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Moon Child Herb & Crystal Infused Candle

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Is moon magick your thing? Do you often find yourself gazing at the beauty of the moon? Our Moon Child candle is a deliciously fruity but sultry blend of raspberry, citrus and jasmine, dressed with a dark purple amethyst chunk, silver crescent moon, sage leaf and lavender. Made with intentions of emotional balance and spiritual wisdom.

Each candle vessel is cleansed with smoke, and finished candles are charged under the moon.

8 oz

πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ ~ ~ πŸœƒ

Please burn responsibly and exercise common sense candle practices. Larger botanical items should be removed before burning. Always place candles on a heat safe surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4”. Make sure the flame is extinguished fully and the wax has cooled and solidified before moving the candle.