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Love Spellwork Herb Blend

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I created this special Spellwork blend of herbs to be used in practices or rituals related to love; love of yourself or of others. This blend contains raspberry leaves, rose, hibiscus, rose hips and jasmine; all selected for their associations with love, passion, harmony, resilience, confidence, sex magick, clarity, healing, moon work and/or peace. Made with food grade organic herbs, it can be used to dress candles, in spell bottles, as loose incense, as an offering, in the bath, or however you see fit to use it in your practice.

Rose Petals - love, power, confidence, peace, clarity.
Raspberry Leaf - healing, harmony, clarity, moon work.
Hibiscus - love, passion, harmony, independence, balance.
Jasmine - love, seduction, protection, moon work, dream work.
Rosehips - wisdom, protection, healing, resilience.

Reusable glass jar is 2.75" x 1.75"