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Energy Flow - Periwinkle Flower Essence

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Flower essences are energy magick. Periwinkle helps clear blockages and release trauma. It helps energy flow through us; integrating past experiences and providing wisdom and clarity for what’s next. It’s associated with love, divination, abundance, balance, peace and understanding. These periwinkle blooms were gathered in the late afternoon and set under the full moon.

To use: add a few drops to a glass of water or your daily tea. Flower energy is powerful energy, so start with just a few drops.

1 fl oz

²hand harvested by us
organic periwinkle flowers², alcohol, moon water (purified)

*Many of the herbs we use in our handmade potions and offerings are hand-harvested and respectfully gathered from the land by us, through ethical & sustainable wildcrafting, or are grown on our own property. Any additional herbs are sourced responsibly and thoughtfully from other growers.