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Road Opener Ritual Anointing Oil

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Road opener oil helps us when we're feeling challenged, stagnant or blocked. It's designed to help remove obstacles and open doors, making way for new opportunities and success. Charged and infused with herbs & crystals during the waxing moon, as it progresses toward fullness. This sacred ritual oil is meant to be used in daily devotion, ritual, ceremony or prayer. It can be applied to the body, used to anoint altar tools, dress candles, or added to a bath. It carries the soft scent of the herbs it's infused with, blended with lemon, rosemary and lavender.

1 fl oz

Ingredients: grape seed oil infused with boneset, motherwort², rue², rosehips*, lemon verbena², peppermint*, yarrow*, rosemary², sandalwood², citrine, essential oil blend, fragrance
²organic *harvested by us

*Many of the herbs we use in our handmade potions and offerings are hand-harvested and respectfully gathered from the land by us, through ethical & sustainable wildcrafting, or are grown on our own property.