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Cottagecore Crystal Confetti

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Our crystal confetti scoops are so popular that I wanted to create a blend that really caters to the cottagecore and green witch vibe. We've gathered some of our absolute favorite crystals and minerals, along with some really great bronze and copper charms. Each scoop is a generous 1/3 cup, and then some. Your scoop might contain any of the following:

Crystal mushrooms in two sizes: flower agate, unakite, rhodonite, labradorite, lemon jade, tigers eye, serpentine, dragons blood jasper, pyrite, rhodochrosite, moss agate, strawberry quartz
Crystal spheres: clear quartz, citrine, moss agate, unakite, smoky quartz, indian agate, crazy lace agate, bloodstone, serpentine, rhodonite, citrine
Crystal leaves: lemon jade, tigers eye
Crystal acorns: serpentine, jade, bloodstone, ripple jasper
Tumbles in various sizes: fire quartz, rutilated quartz, flower agate, garden quartz, petrified wood, green rutilated quartz, banded serpentine, moss agate, snow quartz, lemon quartz, orange aventurine, indian agate, peach moonstone, tourmalinated quartz, green aventurine, smoky quartz, unakite
Charms: bird skulls, mushrooms, bees, dragonflies, owl pendants, acorns, tree of life
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*The sizes, shapes and stones in your mix will vary from what's in the photos. I try to make sure there's a good blend of items in every scoop.