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Bog Witch Spell Jar

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Bog Witch • Swamp Witch • Hedge Witch. The solitary practitioner with a deep connection to the wild ones. A healer and keeper of wisdoms, with the wind (and leaves) in her hair, and the earth beneath her feet. She finds the magic and beauty in wild things, fallen twigs and smooth stones. She whispers prayers and incantations into the wind and pulls down power from the moon.

This spell jar features witch's black salt (made with herb ash), moss, motherwort, stinging nettle root, hawthorn berries, rue, peridot and black tourmaline - all chosen for their associations with protection, grounding, empowerment, banishing unwanted energy, and uncrossing. Each bottle features a bronze raven foot and is sealed with a black wax drip.

Each bottle stands approximately 3.5". These are handmade items and may vary slightly from the photos.